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Our pattern makers can make new styles of polo and round neck t-shirts which make your team stand out from the crowd.

Kickstart your brand presence with Printed T-shirts

Custom T-shirts are everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you are a small business or a multinational, printed T-shirts are easy and fun uniform apparel. Did you know we hold a large stock of round neck and collar neck t-shirts in a wide variety of colours and fabric compositions. Our t-shirts are easily customizable with your logo and brand identity. Further to this, our pattern makers can make new styles of polo and round neck t-shirts which make your team stand out from the crowd. Here are some designs of polo and round t-shirts that our team has designed and manufactured in the past:

Your brand, Your identity, Your Image!

You can customize your T-shirts with inspiring quotes, testimonials, brand logo, slogans, etc. Having an annual event, team building exercise or a fund raiser? a simple t-shirt give-away is always appreciated.

You can choose from vivid colours, styles, shapes and patterns that best reflect your corporate image.

We have stock in dri-fit fabrics, honey comb fabric, knitted cotton fabric, and polyester/cotton blend and complex synthetic wicking fabrics. Each type of fabric is better suited to certain industries. Our moisture wicking Cool Max technical fabrics are consistently rated amongst the best in the industry. These Wicking fabrics are complex blended synthetics which draw sweat away and help keep the body cooler in warm temperatures. In short, ensuring your workers are comfortable and happy even in the sweltering heat.

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Cross Industry Expertise and Knowledge

We are a family run business with over 40 years of textile experience and 15 years of manufacturing expertise. We have a deep knowledge of fabric compositions, tailoring techniques, print and pattern combinations. Our expertise is now available at your fingertips. Reach out to us with your requirements, and we will guide you in choosing the right type of t-shirt quality and print/color combination for your industry.

What are different variants of T-shirts at Apparel point?


Round Neck Poly/Cotton T-Shirts with Logo

These are simple and classic round necks with your logo. The 180 GSM thickness and blend of 70/30 cotton/polyester blend ensures long term durability and comfort. These t-shirts are always a first choice for companies looking for a promotional give away to clients or something for employees to wear at events and casual meetings.

Sports T-shirts Collar & Round Neck

Running a gym or a sports facility? Then you require specialized athletic wear which is made with our patented Cool Max Technical fabrics. These Wicking fabrics are fantastic for keeping the body cool during sports and exercise. These fabrics can be full customized for various applications like basketball, football, cricket, tennis, etc. Further to this, they can be fully sublimated with your choice of prints and design. Looking for sports jerseys with individual names and numbers? Or basketball and/or football sets for an upcoming event? Look no further, you are covered with us at Apparel Point.


Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts are always classic and elegant. They are Easy to carry and can be paired with a wide variety of bottoms. Ladies and men’s polo t-shirts are an excellent option for semi casual uniforms. The following types of Polo-T-shirts are available with us and can be fully customized to reflect your brand and corporate identity.

Honey Comb Pique Polo T-shirts

Honey Comb and/or Pique polo T-Shirts are a classic choice for many companies. These are weaved in a way which provides more air to pass through, thus allowing for more ventilation, which is necessary during the warm summer months. These are long lasting and durable. A classic pique T-Shirt with a front logo embroidery is often a first choice for most companies.

Cotton Knit Polo T-shirts

Executive and managerial level staff prefer softer and finer cotton knit polo T-shirts. These are wrinkle resistant and easier to care. Some may go for ribbed cotton collar and cuffs, which are stretchy and look great in contrasting colours on plain solid polo T-Shirts. Although not great for wearing in the outdoors, these T-Shirts look great indoors and can be work in a semi-formal work environment. These polos paired with casual pants are the way to go for many semi-formal corporate cultures.

Poly/Cotton Polo T-shirts

Looking for uniforms for your short term hires? Planning an event , and need something fun to wear for one day ? Then poly/cotton Polo T-Shirts are the way to go. These come in standard sizes, and can be easily printed or embroidered with your custom event logo or description. These are budget friendly and can be designed and delivered on a very short notice.

Dri-fit Moisture Wicking Polo T-shirts

Apparel Point is the industry leader in Dri-Fit moisture Wicking fabrics. We have stock in all colours, in various grades, along with matching collar/cuff combinations. Our patented Cool Max Technical fabrics are the industry standard for Polo T-Shirts made for outdoor wear.

Further to this, our Polo T-Shirts are proven to help ventilate and absorb sweat away from the body in extreme environments. These Polo T-Shirts have been tested and approved by the Textile and Garment Testing · European Standards (EN) and are backed by our 100% replacement guarantee.

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Sports Mesh Polyester Polo T-shirts

Every industry does not require moisture wicking fabrics. Often, simply a T-Shirt which can last long wash cycles and continue to hold its design well is the requirement. In that case, we manufacture polo T-Shirt using our 100% polyester Cool Max basic range fabrics. These have most of the same qualities as a dri-fit Polo T-shirts, just not the same capacity for moisture Wicking. This is ideal for employees which tend to stay indoors, but require daily wash and wear. Some examples of these are retail floor employees, supermarket employees, cashiers, restraint staff, etc.

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