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Professional medical uniforms for healthcare settings.

Hospital Uniforms-Uniforms that Empower Faith and Dignity!

Medical Uniforms are very important. The uniforms help to clearly distinguish the roles each team member plays in a hospital environment. Further, each team member has different requirements for their uniforms. For instance, a nurse on her feet all day will prioritize comfort and durability , while reception staff at the front desk will prioritize professional appearance.

The following things are very important in medical uniforms:

  1. Fabrics used must meet all industry standards, to ensure maximum bacteria resistance and minimize risk of cross contamination. Such fabrics are specially engineered to protect both the doctors, nurses, other frontline staff, patients and visitors.
  2. Identity and Professionalism must be a part of every hospital uniforms plan. Imagine a doctor wearing a round neck tshirts or baggy ill fitted lab coats, a visiting patient may not feel very confident , nor convinced based on the first look. Looks and professional approach go a long way in ensuring the patient’s journey through a hospital is smooth, positive and efficient. We ensure all our uniforms are fitted to perfection , have sleek logos and/or brand name embroidered. Further to this, we chose fabrics for hospital uniforms which last long , without compromising on comfort or ease of maintenance.

Top 3 things to keep in mind before choosing any healthcare uniform!

Pick a uniform that is easy to maintain in aspects of hygiene and simplicity.
Take a comfortable uniform with all precautions ensured.
Choose a uniform that will match the desired role perfectly.

Factors you can count Apparel Point in!

We are catering to Doctor Uniform’s needs over the UAE with more than 15 years of expertise. We favor you in all Hospital Uniforms essentials like:
Comfortable scrubs for healthcare professionals.

Isolation Gowns

Looking for gowns of various GSM and colors ? Look no further, we have it covered. We make isolation gowns on demand in the GSM you prefer. Isolation gowns are important to ensure our front line doctors/nurses are protected, and cross contamination is minimized .
Stylish and comfortable custom face coverings.


Wearing Proper masks prevents certain vulnerable diseases. Today, more than 100 types of health care face masks are available. The health care masks designed by our designers are creative and prevent all respiratory diseases.

High-quality medical attire for reliable performance.

Lab Coats

Our research lab coats produce an expert impression in any laboratory, protect the inner clothes, and are simple. They are washable and easy to maintain, available in ancient white and different colors.
Durable and stylish medical uniforms.

Doctor Coats

Doctors’ coats have to be professional looking, comfortable, easy to maintain and stain resistant. We work hard to source and manufacture fabrics from reputed Siyarams mills to ensure this criteria is met. A standard white lab coat with pockets maybe ane asy choice, but ensuring the quality and durability is very important and we ensure these 2 factors are always met 
Versatile medical uniforms for various healthcare roles.

Anti Slip Safety Shoes

The right shoe can help ensure , unwanted slipping falls, injuries are minimized. Antil slip safety shoes, which are comfortable and professional looking are available for hospital and care management facilities. 

Stylish and practical uniforms for medical staff.

Nurse Scrub Set

Standing all day , moving between several patients, doctors, caregivers, a nurse is often the lifeline of a smooth running hospital or care facitility. A comfortable nurse is a happy nurse. We work to ensure all our scrub sets are carefully engineered to be comfortable,  easy maintenance and ready to wear. Furthermore, for a more tailored professional look , we offer customized scrub sets, tailored and embroidered and/or printed with logos. 
Durable and fashionable masks for everyday wear.

Reusable Masks

Reusable Masks eliminate the need for a new mask every day. Reusable masks should be washed regularly, at least once a day. We at Apparel Point have some extravagant reusable masks to suit you.
Personalized custom masks for a unique touch.

Custom Masks

Custom masks are the customized masks explicitly made for a particular role or an individual. We provide custom masks all over UAE, under strict deadlines. You can slay with your custom masks in different important events, which makes them more human-friendly.

Health is Wealth. So, choose wisely before making a choice. We are the leading Medical Uniforms Supplier in Dubai, UAE, thanks to our hardworking team and their genuine efforts. Choose us as your hospital uniform partner and get all your desired health care stuff. For any query, connect with us.

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