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Put straightforward, healthcare is one industry that cannot operate without medical uniforms. With an increase in government spending across the Gulf, a large number of international hospitals are setting up branches in the UAE. This has brought greater attention towards standardizing not only the quality of hospital uniforms in Dubai but also its appearance. Doctors and nurses are on the move all day and wear hospital uniforms, called “medical scrubs” in different colours and styles. To fight bacteria, the temperature in hospitals is often cold and therefore medical personnel must wear hospital uniforms that ensure concentration and working ability.

At Apparel Point, we have special fabrics for the healthcare industry apparel. These are tried and tested fabrics with long wash cycles and durability for everyday use. Individuals and families seeking healthcare often find it comfortable to speak to professionals who are in their hospital uniforms. While there isn’t a need for major creativity in hospital uniforms, our team understands the importance of selecting quality fabrics for the best medical uniforms.

"It is not much how much you do, but how much you love you put into the doing that matters." – Mother Teresa


According to a research carried out, the UAE Healthcare Industry’s value will surge to over AED 100 billion - Mena Research Partners (MRP).

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