Buy custom made security guard uniforms

Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for security personnel. To effectively do his job, a security officer must be able to communicate effectively with people around him. Equally important is the security officer’s uniform. The uniform helps officers stand out amongst the general population. Besides the obvious advantages of looking professional and establishing authority, a security officer’s uniform has many other advantages.

Visibility is probably the most important advantage. In times of emergency, it is important for the security officer to be visible and easily identified in a crowded place. In places with low visibility like residential communities, night clubs or arcades, reflective vests can be an excellent accessory to increase visibility of the security officer. A uniformed officer helps in calming down the customer or client in a difficult situation. In addition, when potential criminals see officers in uniforms, they are less likely to commit crimes than if the officer was in civil clothing.

Above all, comfort is key. Security personnel often are subjected to harsh weather conditions and long hours. Therefore it is important to select the right fabric to help aid officers do their job effectively without any incidents. While most security uniforms are standard in design and colour, we can help personalize your security team’s uniform. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the best fit for your security team.

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The state of Texas in USA, has established a law which outlines the following necessary requirements to be met visibly on the outermost layer of any Security Officer’s uniform: 1) the presence of the word ‘Security’ 2) the officer’s name plate and 3) the company patch.

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