About Us

Our team of tailoring operators, pattern makers, graphic designers, management executives, and logistical staff, all work with a singular mindset of ensuring client satisfaction.

Why Choose Apparel Point?


Apparel Point’s mission is to conceptualize, design, manufacture, and distribute quality merchandise and customized uniforms. We thrive on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. Our mission is to deliver all of our products & services with top-notch Service, Price, and Quality.


Our vision is to build a customer-centric, one-stop-shop where all customized uniforms and ready merchandise requirements can be fulfilled seamlessly. We strive to build an organization that grows sustainably, hand in hand with its community, employees, and other stakeholders. We endeavor to keep raising the bar on the 3 parameters we have set ourselves of Service, Price, and Quality.

Our Identity

Uniforms matter. Presentation matters. The first seven seconds decide the fate of your walk-in clients. Apparel Point works with our clients to make those 7 seconds matter! We have 5 principles when designing and producing customized uniforms for our clients :

Quality and Durability

We have more than 10 years of experience providing quality workmanship and partner with premium mills like Siyarams to ensure maximum durability. We employ professional designers and cutters to ensure high-quality stitch counts for all apparel.


We take security very seriously at Apparel Point. Safety and Worker Protection is crucial in industries that require workers to work in sensitive environments. These industries involve complex and sometimes hazardous production needs through machinery, chemical, and medical devices. We strive to help our clients choose the right brand of safety products that meet their chosen industry’s regulatory standards and requirements. We only work with reputed brands, which have approvals and meet stringent quality guidelines.

Pricing and Transparency

In a competitive environment, the bottom line is important. Apparel Point strives to find the right balance between price, quality, and service for each client’s specific requirements. Transparent knowledge sharing and ensuring client awareness about chosen fabrics and uniform products is a high priority for us. We believe clients deserve to know what they are paying for and the services they are entitled to.

Comfort and Presentation

We help clients understand and articulate their employees’ daily needs, based on which we help them design uniforms that strike the right balance of comfort and presentation. Choosing a breathable fabric like blended cotton can be an excellent option for service companies who work outdoors for extended periods. Chef jackets and server shirts, with dry, cool sweat absorption side panels are an excellent option for back-of-the-house staff who are often exposed to high temperatures.

Oxford quality shirts and wool cotton trousers are great for executives who tend to stay indoors. We leverage our cross-industry experience to help clients identify their key priorities and ensure that their desired uniforms are in synergy with their company requirements, profile, and budget.

Service and Client Relationships

Customer is King! A cliched term, but it holds even today. At Apparel Point, we stand by our fabrics and workmanship. All our uniforms services include free replacements for any unforeseen errors in workmanship or unexpected fabric wear and tear. Client relationships matter to us! We strive to keep them strong and thriving.

Experience in the Industry

Apparel Point began in 2006, with its head office in Dubai UAE and the manufacturing facility in Ajman. The manufacturing facility in Ajman is ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets international standards. The company is known for designing and manufacturing uniforms for large UAE corporations. With an in-house design team tailoring more than 150 people, Apparel Point has successfully conceptualized, organized, and manufactured high-volume apparel orders for reputed organizations across the Gulf Cooperation Countries. An in-house embroidery and printing (sublimation and screen printing) facility, Apparel Point, can efficiently turn around large and small orders.

team strength

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford.

This quote has genuinely stood the test of time! At Apparel Point, we believe every team member working happily and efficiently in a safe environment is pivotal to meeting our mission. In simple words, we ALWAYS take care of our team. We are one of the few factories in Ajman to ensure all our operators are paid fairly, provided fair medical and healthcare services, and opportunities for further growth and development. We ensure all our manufactured apparel meets the Fair Trade Clothing guidelines, which are a set of guidelines to ensure all workers’ safety in clothes manufacturing.

Our team of tailoring operators, pattern makers, graphic designers, management executives, and logistical staff all work with a singular mindset of ensuring client satisfaction.


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